When You Want to Develop Your Brand Further

A Marsh insurance scheme could be your next step forward.

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Our Schemes can Help Create Business Opportunities for you

Linking your brand with our expertise could open up new business opportunities for you. A branded insurance scheme, designed exclusively around your customers’ needs, could enhance the service you offer, increase the confidence customers have in your brand, and potentially deepen their loyalty to you.

Setting up a bespoke scheme is easier than you may think because of the resources we have at our disposal. This is because Marsh is one of the world’s leading insurance brokers, operating in 130 countries and serving nearly half of the companies listed on the FTSE 100.

In the UK, we have a wealth of experience across a range of industries including hair and beauty, takeaway outlets, pubs and restaurants, hotels, sports and leisure, retail, construction, and transportation, with a proven track record of over 40,000 live policies in place. That’s why working with Marsh you can expect a specially designed insurance solution and a customer experience that is perfectly aligned to your brand, culture, and values.


An Eye for Detail

We believe it’s the details that make the difference. By taking time to understand your business, we develop the insight that helps us define the risks that need to be covered. We then design an insurance solution that appeals to your customers in terms of its cover and pricing structure.

You can be confident that we will use our expertise and in-depth understanding of the insurance market to create solutions that are truly fit-for-purpose.


For you

  • Brand loyalty and enthusiasm.


  • Potential to attract new customers.

  • Access to marketing support and expertise.

  • Opportunities for extra income.

  • Flexible branding options — “white label” (your own brand) or “co-brand” (your brand alongside ours).

  • Enhanced brand reputation and peace of mind that your customers are properly protected.

For your customers

  • Insurance developed specifically for their needs.

  • Enhanced features not typically available with standard policies.

  • Simple and easy to arrange insurance, with on-going customer support.

Support Services

We offer a range of support services for your scheme including:

For you

  • Scheme development consultation.

  • On-going relationship management.

  • Risk management advice and guidance.

  • Marketing services.

  • Management information and analytics.

For your customers

  • On-going customer support.

  • Technical/specialist advice.

  • Risk management updates.

  • Claims handling support.

  • Electronic documentation.

  • Website to access insurance solutions.

The Difference is Marsh

We have built our business on delivering a highly professional and efficient service. What’s more, we use the strength of our market position to negotiate with insurers the best possible cover and price we can for our clients.

We work in your world and add value to your brand by providing an additional service to help strengthen your overall offering, helping you to attract new and retain loyal customers.

Not all insurance schemes are the same. What makes the difference is Marsh.

To find out more, talk to us on 0330 029 7828 or contact us.

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