How Sports Clubs can Prevent Frozen Pipes

By Marsh

Posted 02/02/18

Frozen pipes can be a serious problem for sports clubs as facilities are often unused for many days at a time. A frozen pipe can cause a build-up of water pressure and burst causing significant damage. It’s important to do all you can to prevent this from happening and avoid any unnecessary additional expense. Here are a few ways you can look after your club’s plumbing when the temperature plummets.

Keep the Heating On

This might feel like a big ask, but leaving your heating on a low temperature will help ensure your pipes don’t freeze. It’ll also help to warm up your rooms and prevent a build-up of damp. Try to keep the thermostat around 12 degrees if freezing temperatures are forecast and be sure to regularly check pipes out of season.[1]

Insulate Pipes

Lagging can be used to insulate exposed pipes and is a quick and easy preventative method. Pay attention to taps in your attic or crawl space and your cold water tank too. You only need to insulate the sides and top of your water tank as warm air from the room below will help to keep it heated. [2]

Beware though! Lagging doesn’t guarantee your pipes won’t freeze so make sure you take extra measures. [3]

Run Taps Regularly

Regularly running your cold taps seems counterintuitive but even a flow of cold water can prevent your pipes from freezing. [4]

If you have an outside tap, make sure you drain it. You can do this by switching off inside taps and letting the outside tap run until it’s drained. You could go one step further and completely turn off the supply to outside taps. [5]

It’s also important to repair leaky taps before cold weather sets in. This will prevent the leak freezing and blocking your tap. [6]

Know Where Your Stopcock is

Make sure you know where the main stopcock is and check that it’s working correctly and is easy to turn on and off. This will be important if a freeze does happen [7].

Tackle Draughts

Check the seals around your doors and windows to make sure they’re not letting in a draught. This is a small but simple way to stop the temperature inside your home from decreasing. [8]

Service your Boiler

Make sure you regularly have your boiler serviced as this can help to identify any problems with your system and prevent breakdowns. [9]

What to do if Your Pipes Freeze

If you find that your pipes have frozen, it’s best to take action quickly to minimise the likelihood of extensive damage.

  • Switch the stop-cock to off to prevent a build-up of water pressure behind the freeze as this can cause burst pipes. [10]
  • Gently thaw out your pipes with a hot water bottle or a hairdryer. You could also use a towel soaked in warm water but make sure that any water left on the surface of the pipe doesn’t freeze! [11]

If the freeze is proving difficult to locate or too stubborn to thaw out, contact a plumber as soon as possible. The longer you leave a frozen pipe, the more likely it is to burst or become damaged.




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Posted 02/02/18

Author: Marsh

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