Getting Children into Golf: What can Your Golf Club Do?

By Marsh

Posted 05/01/18

Golf is a game the whole family can enjoy together. For children, it’s a fantastic opportunity to build up their confidence, get some exercise and experience a brand new sport regardless of ability. For clubs, it can provides an opportunity to take advantage of the tax breaks available from the Community Amateur Sports Clubs scheme. [1] Traditionally, golf isn’t usually the go-to game for children. So what can clubs do to encourage juniors to get involved and, importantly, keep playing golf?

1. Register with the Golf Foundation [2]

The Golf Foundation works in partnership with HSBC to encourage young people to “Start, Learn and Stay” in the sport. Through a network of approved junior-friendly clubs, the foundation provides introductory PGA professional coaching and a range of resources to help clubs attract younger players.

To join the foundation and become an HSBC Golf Roots Centre, clubs must meet safeguarding standards and commit to achieve set targets. From there, you can begin to reach out to schools and the wider community and encourage kids to take up a lesson.

2. Consider the Equipment you Provide [3]

Take into consideration the kind of equipment you have that can help encourage first time golfers. This will help make golf accessible and prompt more players to continue playing the sport no matter what their age. Bear in mind that equipment made specifically for juniors may be expensive and they will quickly grow out of it.

3. Adapt Your Teaching Method

Not only do juniors need their own equipment, they may need to be taught in a different way too. Try not to focus too hard on teaching them the “correct”’ form at first, instead simply let them get a feel for the game so they don’t feel too daunted and therefore put off. [4]

When you do move on to the specifics of the game, make sure that you use simple language and literally communicate to them on their level. This will help to build up a rapport and make it easier to correct technique. [5]

4. Have Fun! [6]

Ultimately the best way to ensure children continue to play golf is to let them have fun! Let the junior lead the way whether that’s driving balls into the lake or practising a putt, give them tips each time and cheer them on.









Posted 05/01/18

Author: Marsh

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