How Cricket Clubs can Prepare for the Coming Season

By Marsh

Posted 21/02/17

Cricketers up and down the country are dusting off their whites and preparing for the new season. While the members are getting ready, what can clubs do to prepare for the new season?

Take Stock

There’s a lot that can go wrong at a cricket club. Identifying potential hazards and risks pre-season will ensure that you have plenty of time to sort things out before the players and supporters arrive for, hopefully, a fantastic season.

This can include filling in potholes, securing fences, clearing exits, and reviewing health and safety procedures.

Make sure all problems are taken care of pre-season to ensure a smooth transition into your club’s busiest time of year.

Prepare Your Staff

As cricket clubs often run on a seasonal basis, it’s not uncommon to have seasonal staff.

Once you’ve recruited and found your staff for the season, pre-season is the perfect time to conduct inductions and training. This should cover emergency procedures, health and safety, and any other elements you think are crucial.

Don’t forget that you will then legally need employers liability insurance should they become injured or their property damaged as a result of working for you. (1)

Get Protected

Having the right insurance cover will help ensure that it’s not financial damage you suffer should the unforeseen happen. Therefore, cricket clubs typically need cover for damage to, and theft of equipment or stock, as well as protection against unforeseen accidents.

Some insurances may be a compulsory requirement. As part of England and Wales Cricket Board’s Clubmark accreditation, clubs are required to have public liability cover of £5 million so be sure to check you’re suitably covered. (2)

Given the nature of sport, injuries can, and do happen. Personal accident cover will ensure that your club is protected should a player, coach, referee, or official become injured as a result of a rogue cricket ball or dodgy run during a match.

Speaking of rogue cricket balls, buildings and equipment cover will protect your clubhouse and equipment from damage. This applies to fire, theft, storm damage, or vandalism so you’ll have to keep your eye on those sixes.

It is tempting to simply renew your existing policy, however, are you sure it continues to meet your needs? By using a specialist insurance broker you can ensure that they will place you with an insurance policy that meets your needs and that any changes in circumstance are accounted for. What’s more, by reassessing your requirements and comparing what’s on offer, you may even save some money too!

To speak to us about your insurance requirements, simply get in contact and we’ll be happy to help.





Posted 21/02/17

Author: Marsh

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